Waiting list and registration

On our waiting list for privacy reasons there are no pictures of the children. Of course you get a picture when you decide to sponsor one or more of the children. In the picture next door are random children. At the bottom of this page you will find the form to give up your choice. Even if you don’t have a preference, you can indicate that.

Will you make a difference in one of these lives?


Judith is six years old and she is the 3rd born with 2 brothers. She attends Nursery school. Her father is alive but he is imprisoned for life.   After the father was imprisoned, the mother abandoned the children in 2016 and disappeared to date. Judith stays with her poor grandmother who looks after her.


Mary is six years old and she has five brothers and one sister. She is born as sixth. She attends school in P1. Her father died in a traffic accident. Mary stays with her aunt who looks after her. After the death of the father, life became hard and the Aunt took her to her home. The Auntie is a widow and jobless, yet with many dependents to support.


Regan is five years old and he has one brothers and two sisters. He is the youngest one. He attends school in P1. His mother died in December 2020 because of ulcers in the intestine. Regan is not very healthy and needs medical investigation. The Father abandoned all the children and now they are staying with their maternal grandmother who is 70 years of age.


Jonah is born in 2015 and has 2 brothers. He is the first born. Jonah’s father died in 2019 with severe malaria. His mother is still alive, but she is a peasant with no income. The mother tries to work in other peoples gardens to make some money for a living. He is at the CCP nursery school in top class.


Cyrus is born in 2015 and has 1 brother. He is the first born. Jonah’s father died in 2019 with severe meningitits. His mother is still alive, but Cyrus stays with his grandparents who try to take care of him. He is at the NAF nursery school in top class.The mother is a peasant with no income. The family is very poor.


Margret is born in 2014 and has 1 brother and 1 sister from different fathers. Margret is the first born. Her father died in 2018. Margrets very young mother lives now with another man, who does not accept the other children. So Margret is totally in the hands of the grand parents who also need help. The family is very needy. Margret attends St. Peters primary school in P1.


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